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Martial Arts Classes for Children & Adults in Basildon. Join the leading Sport Aikido Club in Essex.
Aikido is a great way to improve fitness, weight loss, self confidence, physical & mental wellbeing

 Aikido                                                                            Taiho-Jutsu
Centre of excellence for Aikido Martial Arts

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Present day Shoshinkan senior instructors Shaun Hoddy Sensei 7th Dan七 段 Tomiki Aikido, 1st Dan 初段 Tai-Ho-Jutsu. & Greg Barton Sensei 5th Dan五 段  (Retired) were both founder members and have been practising and teaching Tomiki Aikido since 1975.
Shaun Hoddy has been a student of Dr Lee Ah Loi Shihan 8th Dan Tomiki Aikido JAA, 7th Dan Iai-do ZNKR, 7th Dan Jodo ZNKR and Ken Broome Shihan 7th Dan JAA since 1980 and has competed both nationally and internationally in both Kata & Randori.

Dr Lee is the worlds highest ranking female Tomiki Aikidoka and spent time in Japan studying under the instruction of Kenji Tomiki 9th Dan and Hideo Ohba 9th Dan the founders of the Tomiki/ Shodokan system of Aikido. Dr Lee is recognised as a world-renowned authority on Koryu Kata.

Shaun Hoddy Sensei has graded to the technical rank of 6th Dan 六段 ratified and registered with the Japan Aikido Association, he is also a JAA Shihan Dai for the UK.

In May 2017 Shaun Hoddy Sensei was graded to the rank of 7th Dan七段 by the British Aikido Association. (Recognised by the JAA)


              BAA 7th Dan 七段 Menjo (Dan Grade Certificate)

As a member of British Aikido Association, Essex Aikido Dojo (Shoshinkan) is recognised by the Worldwide Sport Aikido Federation.

​Essex Aikido Dojo (Shoshinkan) is affiliated to the Japan Aikido Association & the International Tomiki Aikido Federation
Shaun Hoddy Sensei is a member of the BAA technical committee.
 Shaun Hoddy Sensei has taught Tomiki Aikido at both national and international seminars and has been featured in Combat Magazine, Irish Fighters and MAI Magazine.


Andy Wisbey  Sensei 5th Dan 五 段 started his Aikido career in 1980 at Westbury Aikido Club under the instruction of John Spurgeon. He then went onto study at the London Shodokan with Phil Newcombe now 7th Dan and graded to 1st Dan within the Shodokan system. 
Andy Wisbey Sensei was a founder member of South Woodham Shodokan Aikido Club
In 1992 Essex Aikido Dojo opened a class at Markhams Chase Basildon. Andy Wisbey Sensei became a members of our Dojo and has become a valued member, and later an instructor progressing through the technical ranks to Godan (5th Dan 五 段Black Belt).
Martial Arts classes with Essex Aikido Dojo (Shoshinkan) are structured around a curriculum that allow students to progress through their grades at their own pace.

​Internationally Recognised Dan Grade Qualification
As a BAA affiliated club any member who passes a Dan grade will be issued with a British Aikido Association Dan grade certificate (Menjo). BAA Dan grades are recognised by the Japan Aikido Association.  If students wish, they can also register their Dan grades with the Japan Aikido Association. On payment of the Menjo fees they will receive a Dan grade certificate (Menjo) from Japan. (Fees subject to change due to exchange rates)
For students who are interested in competitive Aikido the club has produced Junior, Youth  and Adult national champions.
Competitive Aikido has various catagories that all ages can participate in.
  • Kata - Forms that are demonstrated and judged for correct applicaton.
  • Tanto Randori - Aikido sparring where one of the competitors is armed with a foam tanto (knife) scoring point with a clean prescribed attacks. Toshu the unarmed Aikidoka scores by applying throws and locks. The bout is split into two halves so that both competitors perform both roles.
  • Toshu Randori - Aikido sparring where both Aikidoka are trying to apply techniques.
  • Ninnin Dori - Three Aikidoka take part with two attacking one, changing rolls after a prescibed time. Ninnin Dori is judged on the variation of techniques, correct poture and application techniques.​​

  • ​For those who are interested in Japanese weapons, Tomiki Aikido has Bokken (sword) Jo / Yari (spear) Tanto (knife) within the syllabus.
  • Classes offer an enjoyable way to become fitter learning new life skills. ​ ​
Tomiki Aikido can be a life long hobby as there is not a requirement for students to participate in competition for grade promotion.
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ABOUT Essex Aikido Dojo    (Shoshinkan)
Shaun Hoddy Sensei ,Greg Barton Sensei & Andy Wisbey Sensei have attended various courses and seminars under the instruction of Itsuo Haba 7th Dan JAA, Takeshi Inoue 6th Dan JAA, Senta Yamada 6th Dan, Tsuneko Miyake 6th Dan, Fumiaki Shishida 8th Dan JAA, Yoshi Inoue 7th Dan JAA Tetsuro Nariyama 9th Dan SAF & Hideo Ohba 9th Dan. JAA.

 Japan Aikido Association 6th Dan 六段 Menjo Dan Grade Certificate​​

Sugamo High School Tokyo visits Essex Aikido Dojo  Shoshinkan

EEssex Aikido Dojo (Shoshinkan) members at a seminar with Professor Fumiaki Shishida Shihan 8th Dan JAA

Aikido in Essex, Aikido in Basildon Judo in Basildojutsu insidon
MMA in Bassildon Kung Fu in Basildon
Training Times

​ Centre of excellence for Aikido Martial Arts
Tuesday: 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Saturday: 2.15pm - 4.30pm

Qualified BAA Coaches:
Shaun Hoddy 7th Dan 七 段 Tomiki Aikido
​                          1st Dan  初段 Taiho-Jutsu
Greg Barton   5th Dan 五 段 Tomiki Aikido
Andy Wisbey  5th Dan 五 段 Tomiki Aikido
Alan Cooper  3rd Dan   三段 Tomiki Aikido
​Gary Maiden 2nd Dan  二段 Tomiki Aikido
​Peter Livett 2nd Dan    二段 Tomiki Aikido
​                      2nd Dan    二段 Gojukai Karate

Essex Aikido Dojo (Shoshinkan) Established in 1975
Basildon Sporting Village
Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex
SS14 3GR​
The home of JAA / BAA Tomiki Aikido in Essex
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