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Martial Arts Classes for Children & Adults in Basildon. Join the leading Sport Aikido Club in Essex.
Aikido is a great way to improve fitness, weight loss, self confidence, physical & mental wellbeing

 Aikido                                                                            Taiho-Jutsu
Centre of excellence for Aikido Martial Arts

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​​Shaun Hoddy Sensei​​​​
Tomiki Aikido 富木合気道
7th Dan (Nanadan) 14th May 2017 (BAA Reg)
6th Dan (Rokudan) 16th April 2005 (JAA Reg)
5th Dan (Godan) 2nd November 1997 (EAA/JAA Reg) 
4th Dan (Yondan) 10th October 1992 (EAA/JAA Reg)
3rd Dan (Sandan) 27th April 1988 (EAA/JAA Reg)
2nd Dan (Nidan) 2nd August 1985 (BAA Reg)
1st Dan (Shodan) 30th August 1982 (BAA Reg)
​​1st Dan (Shodan) 5th September 1982

BAA Coach Level 1
TQUK Level 3 Teaching Qualification
​First Aid Training Teaching Qualification
Dip RSA OSH - Grad IOSH 
NEBOSH NGC Health & Safety
DBS Enhanced Disclosure
Greg Barton 5th Dan Tomiki Aikido  (BAA Coach) DBS
Andrew Wisbey 5th Dan Tomiki Aikido (BAA Coach) DBS 
Alan Cooper 3rd Dan Tomiki Aikido (BAA Coach) DBS
Gary Maiden 2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido (BAA Coach) DBS
​Peter Livett 2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido (BAA Coach)
​                   2nd Dan Gojukai Karate  
​Damian Szymanski 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
​                                1st Dan Kickboxing
Danny Hope 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
​Gareth Dickinson 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
​Piotr Szymanski 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
​Garry Wilkinson 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido

​Non Teaching & or Practising Dan Grades
Paul O'Connell 3rd Dan Tomiki Aikido 
Kim Bernie 2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido
​June Wendleken 2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido
Anthony Parker 2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido
Les Smith 2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido  
Michael Lee 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
Adam Keeble 2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido
​Adrian Clark 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
Michelle Smith 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido  
Hayley Wood 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
Alan Storie 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
Shannon Reeves 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
Dean Young 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
Peter Wilkinson 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
Nick Backwell 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido BAA Coach
Elizabeth Wisbey 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido
​Richard Evans 1st Dan Tomiki Aikido

Training Times

​ Centre of excellence for Aikido Martial Arts
Tuesday: 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Saturday: 2.15pm - 4.30pm

Qualified BAA Coaches:
Shaun Hoddy 7th Dan 七 段 Tomiki Aikido
​                          1st Dan  初段 Taiho-Jutsu
Greg Barton   5th Dan 五 段 Tomiki Aikido
Andy Wisbey  5th Dan 五 段 Tomiki Aikido
Alan Cooper  3rd Dan   三段 Tomiki Aikido
​Gary Maiden 2nd Dan  二段 Tomiki Aikido
​Peter Livett 2nd Dan    二段 Tomiki Aikido
​                      2nd Dan    二段 Gojukai Karate

Essex Aikido Dojo (Shoshinkan) Established in 1975
Basildon Sporting Village
Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex
SS14 3GR​
The home of JAA / BAA Tomiki Aikido in Essex
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